Baliboa - Pair of rackets Casual
Baliboa - Pair of rackets Casual and balls
Baliboa - Pair of rackets Casual
Baliboa - Pair of rackets Casual and balls

Casual (pair)

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The « Casual » is made from a core of cork, beech leaves glued in cross-thread with walnut leaves, then varnished in nautical quality varnish. The rarity of the product, its exclusive character, requires respect and some precautions. It is a "high-end" product that must be earned and maintained.
Price for a pair of rackets and balls.



The rackets of the “Casual” range are our pride, real unique pieces, small jewels in limited edition. Baliboa® aims to perpetuate our know-how and to remix them to bring these materials and techniques back to life and use. For users looking for a collector's racket who doesn't forget the game. Produced on the basis of our exclusive Corkelite® composite, it comes in the form of a 5-ply racket and consists of a cork core 9mm, 2 plies of 12 / 10 French beech assembled in crossed wire with 2 plies of rare essence of 9 / 10th for a total of 12mm thick and 280g. The sticks are made of lower density cork for perfect ergonomics and a natural feel. A nautical string strap and a twisted beech stopper keep the racket in hand.
The species vary according to the arrival of stocks.

Dimension: 395 x 226 x 12.2 mm - Handle 38/29 mm

Weight: 280 gr

Profile: 12 mm

Ply 5:

  • 1 Cork 9 mm | middle
  • 2 Beech 1.2 mm | each side
  • 2 Rare wood 0.9 mm | each side
395 x 226 x 12.2 mm - Handle 38/29 mm
280 gr
5 : 1 Cork 9 mm | middle + 1 Beech 1,2 mm | each side + 2 Color Rare wood 0.9 mm | each side
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