BALIBOA® best meets the needs and demands of a sport and recreational activity that has its roots in the histories of peoples. The ball game accompanies humanity since Man plays and enjoys playing. This is one of the major developments in the history of humanity and a point shared with many animal species. A universal value that breaks the language barriers swell as borders and which is found in almost all cultures of our dear planet. We are proud to participate in and contribute to its evolution with a simple, eco-friendly materials and aware of ecological values that we need to promote and respect. An economical product, attractive, redeeming in sum.

BALIBOA® is a developed range of blades designed and manufactured since now in Marseille in a art & craft tradition, constantly maintained and improved. BALIBOA® transforms its own supplies composed of bio materials sourced in France and develops his own techniques by rational way. These are exclusive products that give meaning to materials and use. A shape, referenced A.015, is proposed as a first contact, at the maximum of our capabilities, know-how and technology. An exceptional weight/power ratio. Designed to last and endure in every season, equipment designed as a real tool, made for the use and nothing else. The pleasure of a product designed with the brain and performed by hands, neat, endured and validated before marrying your hand, your game, your requirement. A sustainable product that will fit your game, your terrain and the weather conditions you will encounter. A product perfectly complementary to your civic Epicurean panoply or to simple sport adept, fan of exchange and the living together, the shared pleasure. An outdoor sport without camp, court, renting gymnasium, without adversity or rules. Keep the ball alive!

CORKELITE® is an exclusive composite made from a cork core and beech leaves glued in cross-grain. After a first sanding the multiply is coated, sanded, varnished and glossy. Depending on the desired finish, direct printing, pad printing, or tints can be applied. CORKELITE® Advanced Nautic is available in several combinations of cork / beech / beech structures for a subtle and precise play, cork / beech / walnut for an intensive play. Particular attention has been paid to the gluing and finishing process to optimize aesthetics and the weight / power ratio.
CORKELITE® allows, by virtue of its structure and the relevance of the supplies used, an entry-level “Nude” for those who want to have a pleasure activity at their fingertips. In the CORKELITE® “Daily” and “Week-end” version, the product becomes unique. Developed with great care and offering a rare petrol finish, it is a real sporty marquetry that combines aesthetics and performance. It is a top-of-the-range production, demanding, but just as sporty, that will have to be treated like an art object. A playing partner who will follow you on all your escapades and who will reveal your difference and your faculties at the second.

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